Who We Are

We are a team of sound engineers with a complete staff and technical background. We have twenty years of experience in the field of sound production and post-production. We have contributed to many international film and television works, some of which were internationally recognized and awarded.

What We Do

We create a complete audio – from location sound recording, through all stages of sound edit. We use cutting-edge technology, tailored to the specific needs of given project and budget.


Turning Common into Exceptional

For us, every new project is unique. Knowing the latest trends in quickly – evolving sound production and post-production market , we know which tools and human approaches are essential to reach extraordinary audio quality.


We have worked long-term on projects with original audio & on-set communication in english, german, russian and french.



Martin Lonek (managing partner)
Event Partners s.r.o.
Ryzlinkova 2227/2a, Prague 8 – Liben, Czech Republic
VAT: CZ24810720
(+420) 777 005 551, martin.lonek@outlook.cz