“I wouldn´t change anything”

charity project

CZ 2021 / 60 minutes / czech /DCP, TV Master / 1,85:1 / 5.1 , Stereo/ premiere: May 6, 2022 MKP genre: documentary / screenplay by: Věduna Bubleová / DOP – Directed by: Michal Černý / editor: Lucie Hecht / sound design & music composition : Martin Lonek / producer: Věduna Bubleová, Michal Černý / starring: Kateřina Morozová, Jana Morozová and more.

We were honored to help finalizing this lovely project. Following 18 days of sound edit of a raw audio material in our studio, we ended/ up with 3 days of final audio mix in Studio B4 together with Honza Čeňek, to whom I would like to thank. As well as to Michal Černý and Věduna Bubbleová, without whom the film would not have been created. And also to Kateřina Morozová and her wonderful family for giving sense to it all.


The film I wouldn’t change anything is a documentary portrait of Kateřina Morozová. Kateřina is already a mature young woman today.

After her birth, she was placed in a children’s home, where she spent almost five years. But she got a second chance and her life has changed. The replacement family care center found her a new, big and wonderful family with an open heart who accepted her even with severe medical handicap.
The emotional documentary is a probe into the life of a person who never gave in to adversity and decided to live a fulfilling life.
Kateřina’s open confession is undoubtedly an inspiration for all who like to complain about their lifes.

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